Caforio Statement on Knight’s Vote to Limit Consumer Rights

Caforio Statement on Knight’s Vote to Limit Consumer Rights
Knight Votes Against Consumers, For Wall Street Corporations

Santa Clarita, Calif. – Today, Congressman Steve Knight voted to limit consumers’ ability to file a class-action lawsuit against their credit card companies and banks, stripping them of their right to pursue justice and compensation in court. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was created to prevent the Wall Street corruption that led to the 2008 financial crisis, had finalized the rule protecting consumers just weeks ago. Banks and other corporations encouraged Republicans to nullify the rule before it goes into effect next year.

Bryan Caforio, Democrat running for Congress in the 25th Congressional District, released the following statement after Knight’s vote:

“Every day I go to work and take on the big banks and corporations that cheat consumers and members of our community to make a profit. Today Steve Knight went to work and voted to make it tougher for hardworking Americans harmed by corporate wrongdoing to seek justice. Knight continues to put his corporate donors before the needs of his own constituents, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with Washington. I will always fight for justice and make sure our government puts people over corporate profit.”


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