Rep. Knight says he voted for Trump after all: ‘I have made no bones about it. I have voted for Donald Trump’

By Javier Panzar

As election day approached, Rep. Steve Knight (R-Lancaster) did his best to avoid talking about Donald Trump.

Knight said he wouldn’t support either Trump or Hillary Clinton after comments Trump made in 2005 about touching women without their consent came to light.

When Knight was asked in a debate hosted by the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce by a Los Angeles Times journalist who his choice for president was, he dodged the question.

“It’s probably the most difficult race in all of our lives, but in the end we will have to make a choice,” Knight said in that October forum. “I’ve come out just recently and said I don’t support either one. But I will be voting.”

The campaign of his rival, Bryan Caforio, jumped on the remark as proof Knight would vote for Trump, even though that’s not what he said. Turns out they were right.

Knight stopped playing coy on election night — sort of.

As the results came in Tuesday, Knight told a reporter with the College of the Canyons’ online news website that he voted for Trump.

“Now I have made no bones about it. I have voted for Donald Trump for president, and I have said that many times,” he said at the 1:46:22 mark in the video.

He explained: “When I said something like I wasn’t supporting, it didn’t mean I wasn’t voting for him or I wasn’t, you know, there it just meant I’m running my race and I’ve got to go out and win my race and that’s what is important to make sure we hold the House.”

Knight won reelection, defeating Caforio by 6 points.

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