LA Times: This is how you’ll know California Democrats had a good election night

By Sarah D. Wire

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi really wants another turn in the speaker’s chair, this time working with what she hopes will be the first female president.

For the San Francisco Democrat to have that chance, Democrats have to win 30 new seats Tuesday night. But that would probably require  adding to Democrats’ already hefty portion  of the 53-member California House delegation — Republicans hold just 14 of the state’s seats and most of them are in solidly conservative districts.  So observers expect Democrats to win closer to 10 or 15 new seats.

But if a strong anti-Donald Trump wave develops on election night, these are the California races to watch:

The fight for Los Angeles’ last Republican-held congressional seat

In the 25th Congressional District, Rep. Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) already wore a target as the only Republican representing Los Angeles. His opponent, Democrat attorney Bryan Caforio, has said the congressman is out of touch with the district, particularly criticizing his slow reaction to the Aliso Canyon gas leak.

Caforio has pounded Knight repeatedly for refusing to say who he backs for president. Knight has said he doesn’t support Republican nominee Trump or Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but he plans to vote.

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