Caforio Response to Allegations Against Former Rep. Knight Staffer Dante Acosta

Santa Clarita, Calif. – After recent allegations involving Dante Acosta, former Field Representative for Steve Knight and current candidate for California’s 38th Assembly District, Bryan Caforio, candidate for California’s 25th Congressional District, released the following statement:

“We must not take these allegations of sexual harassment against Dante Acosta lightly. As this situation continues to develop, these allegations raise serious questions regarding Rep. Steve Knight’s judgment. Whether or not he fulfilled his legal obligations, it is morally reprehensible for Rep. Knight to have encouraged this alleged sexual aggressor to run for public office and continue to proudly stand with him. When we don’t speak out and challenge this type of disgusting behavior, it is more than a sign of disrespect, it is indicative of culpability.

“Instead of pointing fingers, this matter should be thoroughly investigated until all the facts are known. Moreover, this situation demonstrates how far we still have to go until women have equality in the workplace. We cannot continue to allow men in positions of power to hold women back – instead, we must shed light on these ugly situations when they happen and support victims. This is exactly why Congress needs to fight for stronger protections in the workplace.”

Orrin Evans, Caforio’s campaign manager, also released the following statement:

“Rep. Knight’s continued support and endorsement of Dante Acosta is not only indicative of his continued choice to always put his political security first, but also sheds light on why Congressman Knight took so long to criticize Donald Trump. It now looks as if Rep. Knight was hesitant with Trump because he was already associating himself with an alleged sexual aggressor. Whether it has been his discriminatory votes in Congress, standing aside for his Party’s presidential nominee, or standing beside Dante Acosta, even after learning about these allegations, Knight has failed every ethical test put before him. 

“It is clear the Rep. Knight has failed his moral obligations. As this investigation continues to develop, one of the primary questions that remains is whether Rep. Knight has also failed his legal obligations.”

Caforio was born and raised in Southern California by two public school teachers, attended UCLA and Yale Law School, worked for a United States federal judge, and practices as an attorney taking on some of the world’s biggest banks. Bryan lives in Santa Clarita with his wife Lisa, who serves as a Deputy City Attorney at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

The 25th District covers northern Los Angeles County and part of Ventura County including the Antelope Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Clarita, and Simi Valley. President Obama won the district in 2008, and experts consider this race a toss-up . Last year Democratic registration eclipsed Republican registration, and the district is now majority-minority. National Republicans list Congressman Knight as one of their most vulnerable incumbents.


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