Bryan Caforio Wins First General Election Debate

Democratic Challenger Stands up for Working Families While Rep. Knight Misleads Voters on his Record with Women, Doubles Down on Anti-Immigrant Record

For Immediate Release: October 3, 2016                                                

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Santa Clarita, Calif. – Today, Bryan Caforio, congressional candidate for California’s 25th District stood up for working families and laid out his positive vision for the district during the first general election debate of the season. Rep. Steve Knight attempted to mislead voters on his record on women’s issues and doubled down on his anti-immigrant record. The debate, which can be viewed here, aired live on Santa Clarita radio station KHTS this afternoon.

During the debate, Knight paid lip service to equal pay for women, but his actions in Washington prove he’s trying to mislead his constituents. In fact Knight has twice voted to block the Paycheck Fairness Act in Congress.

Caforio on the other hand said, “Making sure we have equality in the workplace isn’t just about equal pay, but it’s also making sure they aren’t discriminated against. Congressman Knight recently co-sponsored a piece of legislation that would allow an employer to fire a woman who gets pregnant while single. That’s outrageous. When I get to Congress I’m going to fight for legislation that defends women’s equality in the workplace, and that’s what I’m going to start working on day one.”

When asked directly about his on-the-record statement that he would deport the parents of American children, Knight predictably stood by his extreme position. Caforio responded, “Congressman Knight didn’t backtrack on his statements that he has no problem deporting the parents of American citizens. I do. I am going to fight for families and I think we need to make sure we have representatives in Washington who are going to fight for families who are going to let immigrants serve in the military – as Congressman Knight voted against – and who are going make sure we’re moving our whole communities forward.”

In Congress, Knight has voted to restart the deportation of young immigrants and their parents. Caforio believes in common sense, comprehensive immigration reform that rewards hard work and keeps families together.

“During today’s debate, Bryan Caforio focused on the issues and his positive vision for the district, while his opponent Rep. Steve Knight callously tried to hide his anti-women agenda and doubled down on his anti-immigrant positions,” said Orrin Evans, campaign manager.

Caforio was born and raised in Southern California by two public school teachers, attended UCLA and Yale Law School, worked for a United States federal judge, and practices as an attorney taking on some of the world’s biggest banks. Bryan lives in Santa Clarita with his wife Lisa, who serves as a Deputy City Attorney at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

The 25th District covers northern Los Angeles County and part of Ventura County including the Antelope Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Clarita, and Simi Valley. President Obama won the district in 2008, and experts consider this race a toss-up . Last year Democratic registration eclipsed Republican registration, and the district is now majority-minority. National Republicans list Congressman Knight as one of their most vulnerable incumbents.















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