25th District hopeful responds to Pence’s speech

Bryan Caforio, the Democrat challenging incumbent Steve Knight for the 25th Congressional District seat this year, said during a Sept. 8 press conference that Pence’s comparison of Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan “couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

The California Democratic Party office on Cochran Street in Simi Valley hosted Caforio’s speech.

“It’s just going to be awful if we have a president like (Trump) and a member of Congress like Steve Knight, who adopts many of the same proposals,” Caforio said. “Over the last eight years, at least, we have seen the amount of dysfunction in Washington, D.C., with politicians who simply won’t do their jobs.

“We’re seeing that right now, not just in the Senate but in the House, with Republicans who are preventing us from getting the funding we need to prevent the Zika virus because they are so opposed to women’s health . . . and contraceptive care.”

Knight, who has represented the 25th District since 2014, told the Acorn in an interview that Simi Valley has a “right to be proud of Ronald Reagan’s legacy of peace through strength and a government that serves its people, not the other way around.”

He preferred not to comment on Pence’s speech or Caforio’s remarks.

“Every day I fight for those same ideals, prioritizing quality care for our veterans and creating opportunities for small businesses to grow,” Knight said.

“While my opponent is obsessed with the presidential race, I will continue focusing on the issues most important to Simi Valley families, like creating good-paying jobs, keeping our country safe and taking care of those who risked everything to keep our nation free.”

—Melissa Simon

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