To Stop an Irrational Governance, One Must Register to Vote and Vote

US House of Representatives, California’s 25 th District
Candidate Bryan Caforio

In an effort to appeal to the Korean American society, Candidate Bryan Caforio (pictured) remarked “California’s 25th District is a centerpiece for both Republican and Democrat citizens.

The current Valencia resident, Candidate Caforio will go head to head in the upcoming November elections against the incumbent Steve Knight (Republican). Citing the importance of the aftereffects caused by the Porter Ranch Gas Leaks that occurred early this year, Candidate

Caforio stressed that he and the voters should work together in leading the change. The District that he is running for, the 25 th District consists of Northern LA’s Porter Ranch, Lancaster, Palmdale, and Simi Valley. Candidate Caforio acknowledged, “Korean Americans residing in the Porter Ranch Area have not been compensated properly and that the housing prices in the area has declined due to the Gas Leaks Accident.” He further stated, “ultimately, a politician must take charge in calling for change. If I am elected, I will use my expertise and knowledge gathered through my career as an attorney to avidly propose change and fight for my district.”

Candidate Bryan Caforio attained his undergraduate degree from UCLA and graduated from Yale Law School. His main job was an attorney but also worked as a federal judge for seven years.

Instead of working for the political elite, Candidate Caforio promises to fight for the citizens within the District. He claimed that the current system of banks and corporations pocketing most of the wealth of society must change.

His campaign’s promises consists of but are not limited to: overcoming differences between the political parties and working together for bipartisan plans, creating a safer environment, creating jobs, restoring the depleting middle class, and finally, economic stability.

Candidate Caforio claimed that he wants to use logical, proper ways to right the wrongs that the citizens within the 25 th district suffered (Porter Ranch Gas Leaks), and that if elected, he will make it easier for small businesses to flourish, to expand and ease public transportation, attain funds to develop the district, and reform immigration policies.

To conclude, Candidate Caforio stressed importance of the right to vote and strongly encouraged citizens to register to vote. He claimed that voting is the best and most efficient way to stop illogical politicians like Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and current political elites that are similar to Donald Trump and emphatically encouraged all Korean Americans to register to vote and vote in the elections not only to put a stop to nonsensical politics, but also to reform and change the system.


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