Steve Knight’s Policy Positions Dangerously Similar to VP Nominee Mike Pence

Bryan Caforio Reissues Challenge to Debate

Immediate Release: July 20, 2016                          
Contact: Orrin Evans (818) 359-5536

Valencia, Calif. – This evening, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, the GOP nominee for Vice President of the United States, delivered his formal address to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. While Donald Trump has officially selected Governor Pence as his running mate — Congressman Steve Knight’s record and policy positions are strikingly similar, if not more extreme than the Governor’s, and probably could be a better fit for the Trump ticket.

Seniors lose out.
Mike Pence suggested cutting social security and medicare to pay for Hurricane Katrina recovery. Steve Knight thinks social security is “a bad idea” period.

They’re both bad for women.
Mike Pence indicated on a 2010 candidate survey that abortion should never be legal. Like Governor Pence, Steve Knight doesn’t believe that abortion should ever be legal — even when the mothers life is at risk, or in cases of rape or incest.

Governor Pence and Congressman Knight are both anti-immigrant.
Mike Pence pushed a bill to block birthright citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants, and Steve Knight echoed agreement when he said he had “…no problem deporting parents of kids who are citizens” and voted in support of an amendment to block DREAMers from serving in the military.

Both have backed some of the most extreme anti-LGBT legislation in their home states.
Mike Pence notoriously pushed an anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill that cost Indiana up to $60 million. Steve Knight supported and praised anti-gay ballot initiative Proposition 8 and voted against banning gay conversion therapy for minors.

“Given the glaring similarities between Trump’s running mate Governor Mike Pence and Steve Knight, the Congressman owes it to voters to answer to the extreme policy positions he’s taken in the past, and those that directly align with the platform of the most extreme Presidential ticket in the history of the Republican party. That’s why we’re reissuing our challenge to debate the issues to clearly and directly highlight what’s at stake this November,” said Orrin Evans, Campaign Manager for Bryan Caforio.

If Donald Trump and Mike Pence win this November, Steve Knight will play a direct role in Congress by supporting the divisive agenda of the administration, which his actions have proven he is more than prepared to do.

Caforio was born and raised in Southern California by two public school teachers, attended UCLA and Yale Law School, worked for a United States federal judge, and practices as an attorney taking on some of the world’s biggest banks. Bryan lives in Valencia with his wife Lisa, who serves as a Deputy City Attorney at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

The 25th District covers northern Los Angeles County and part of Ventura County including the Antelope Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Clarita, and Simi Valley. President Obama won the district in 2008, and experts consider it a toss-up in a Presidential election year. Last year Democratic registration eclipsed Republican registration for the first time, and the district is now majority-minority. National Republicans list Congressman Knight as one of their most vulnerable incumbents.


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