Knight Doubles Down on Extreme Positions in Military Bill

Immediate Release: May 4, 2016                          
Contact: Orrin Evans (661) 505-8216

Valencia, Calif. – In last week’s military authorization bill markup, Steve Knight seized the opportunity to double down on his out of touch positions.

Inexplicably, Knight reaffirmed his support of the Confederate Flag. He also voted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against the LGBT community and voted to limit their obligation to report labor and civil rights violations.

“Steve Knight’s out of touch positions are on full display in this bill.  Knight doubled down on extreme positions like supporting the Confederate Flag, stripping LGBT protections, and reducing transparency of labor and civil rights violations,” said Orrin Evans. “In Congress, Bryan Caforio will stand up to extremists and fight for civil rights protections.”


Politico: CONFEDERATE FLAG AMENDMENT UNFURLED: An amendment from Smith would have barred the military from supporting military educational institutions and academies that fly the confederate flag. Smith said the proposal was aimed at the Citadel in South Carolina, which flies the Confederate flag, but requires a two-thirds approval by the state legislature to take it down. “We need something to force South Carolina to do the right thing,” Smith said.

The panel adopted Smith’s amendment, but only after adding a change from Thornberry to exempt institutions like the Citadel whose board of visitors has voted to take the flag down, effectively rendering the proposal moot. Republicans charged the proposal would hurt cadets at the Citadel, which doesn’t have the power to remove the flag.

The Thornberry amendment passed 34-28. Knight voted yes.

CAP: Undermining Federal Contractor Protections for LGBT Workers: Early yesterday, the House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, that would grant a broad exemption for religious-affiliated federal contractors to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, workers. The amendment effectively rescinds aspects of workplace protections that are presently afforded to roughly 28 million workers.

The Russell amendment passed 33-29. Knight voted yes.

Huffington Post: Strip Transparency For Labor And Civil Rights Violations: The House Armed Services Committee is set to take up the massive 2017 defense authorization bill on Wednesday, and when it does, there will be an amendment in the mix to make defense contractors immune to the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order. That executive order requires contractors who have committed civil rights or labor violations to disclose that they’ve done so when they apply for new government contracts.”
The Kline amendment passed 34-28. Knight voted yes.

The 25th District covers northern Los Angeles County and part of Ventura County including the Antelope Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster, Santa Clarita, and Simi Valley. President Obama won the district in 2008, and experts consider it a toss-up in a Presidential election year. Last year Democratic registration eclipsed Republican registration for the first time, and the district is now majority-minority. National Republicans list Congressman Knight as one of their most vulnerable incumbents.


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